Latest news and results - 1st & 2nd Peanuts League

Hi All

Amazing ! Amazing! Amazing!

What a night... with a team of only 17 out of a possible 32 and swimming over age

swimmers in our 9yr old boys and girls relays

causing immediate disqualification and

many swimmers with six or more races we came 4th !

9 x 1st places .. Belinda Mendes de Costa (x2),Anna Thomas (x2) , Sam Phillips (x2)

Andrew Grant, Alana Ashby, Marcus Ashby and the Squadron Team.

7 x 2nd places .. Sam Philips, Madeleine Broadfield ,Ben Chase ,Max Darlington,

Zoe Condon, Belinda Mendes de Costa and Marcus Ashby.

4 x 3rd places ..... Belinda Mendes de Costa,Andrew Grant , Zoe Condon and Spike Luff.

Congratulations to everyone who competed you were all clear and absorbed in the aim

of doing your best .. nobody could ask for more.

Thank you to everyone who helped on poolside. Results attached

Looking forward to round 2 the team will be out shortly.



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Hi All
A team of 21 certainly made a difference after the last round of only 17
and allowed some to catch their breath. 
​We value each swimmers personal performance rather than the overall placing 
​within the gala but I must confess ​with 6 !st places 8 2nd places and 11 3rd places 
we were very impressive. The end result we came 3rd and if i had known at the time how close we were to        
           Welwyn Garden City​ I would have chewed my fingers down to my elbows ....we beat them by 2 points.
Congratulations to all our swimmers and a massive thank you to all our helpers  
The team will be out shortly for the final round on the 8th July.
Results attached

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